Active Initiatives

Shaping the Future of Payments

These Initiatives represent the work of the Alliance. Through active project teams, task forces and industry groups, members collaborate to influence existing and emerging payment trends, drive change, remove barriers, and support innovation.  Would you like to incubate ideas and engage other industry thought leaders? Alliance initiatives will create industry white papers, develop best practices initiatives, test proof of concepts - and ultimately shape the future of payments.

Current Initiatives

Playbook for Faster Payments

The Faster Payments Playbook team will work to develop tools for financial institutions and business end users that are seeking direction and clarity on faster payments. These tangible tools will help organizations understand faster payments options, make decisions and develop go-forward strategies appropriate to their customer bases and business needs.

Cybersecurity Response Plan/Checklist

This group will develop and promote tools and resources to help organizations understand evolving threats, with questions and topics to address before, during and after a cyber attack.

ACH Quick Start Guide

This team will develop interactive online tools and other resources to help small and medium-sized businesses more readily understand and use ACH to make and receive payments for an array of use cases. 

ISO 20022 Toolkit 

This team will develop educational and other tools to help financial institution and companies understand the capabilities, timelines and functionality of various ISO 20022 enhancements. 


Project Team News

Faster Payments Meeting Summary Report 

If you are interested in joining one of the project teams, and have not already signed up, please reach out to Jennifer West, Director, Payments Innovation Alliance, Education & Accreditation.