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David Chance is a senior executive who has led strategy, solutions and technology to drive innovation across the payments landscape, including card, retail, wholesale and corporate payments on a global basis. Recently, David has joined a fast growing leader in universal payments, Dovetail, creating and growing a widely respected product team that has crafted the Dovetail product into the leading Payment Services Hub, installed throughout regional and global transaction banks.

David is a highly experienced, motivated, enthusiastic, problem solver and leading payments innovator who is sought out in the industry, sharing this knowledge and passion with key industry bodies such as the International Payments Framework, driving through the adoption and refinement of the ISO20022 standards for non-urgent International payments and through the innovated use of existing payment networks to provide new payment instruments such as alternates to Direct Debits and Real-time payments, and NACHA helping to understand pioneering ways of using party identification and real-time payments could reduce check and cash usage and drive adoption of electronic payments.

Specialties : Market and Product Strategy, Global Financial Institution Solutions, Payment Services Hubs, Retail and Corporate Payments, Strategic Alliances, Partnering, New Product Development, Card Payments, Real-time Payments, Immediate and Deferred Settlement Solutions, Product Management, Mobile Payments, team leader, team creator and problem solver.