Membership Meetings

Eight Things to Know About an Alliance Meeting

  1. The Member Meetings are not conferences.  Sure, there are featured speakers, panelists and facilitators, but the real learning takes place when members participate and provide informative feedback. And these exchanges of ideas are often lively, informative and full of fireworks.  

  2. The meetings have a global worldview.  The Alliance encourages industry dialogue and collaboration to help advance domestic and global payments. A wide range of perspectives are woven into the meetings.

  3. Innovation is front and center.  Innovation is literally the Alliance’s middle name. In-depth sessions and discussions are designed to be forward-thinking, giving members exposure to what's new and what's next and creating an energetic meeting. 

  4. Content is key.  The meetings feature a variety of sessions over the course of three days where senior level executives and payments leaders from FIs and businesses can interact.  There are opportunities to dig deep, as well as delve into the basics. Bring your questions and get answers from colleagues who are immersed in the issues on a day-to-day basis. 

  5. Meetings link innovators with Alliance Members.  During the “Idea Lab: Meet the Innovators” session, which features live show and tell sessions, innovators have the opportunity to pitch their solutions to Alliance members, as well as endure rapid-fire questioning. 

  6. They are a showcase for high-impact project teams.  Not only do the active project teams meet in-person but the meetings provide the opportunity to release white papers, press releases and share status updates with the membership.

  7. Knowledge exchange goes beyond the meeting space.  There is plenty of time for professional networking, connecting with old industry friends, and building comradery with first-time attendees. There are also optional no-host dinners and morning activities to allow engagement with other members outside of the meeting agenda.

  8. The conversation continues after the meetings end. A key benefit of The Alliance is the myriad of opportunities it provides to collaborate with your peers throughout the year. There are online discussions on the Alliance website, access to thought leadership documents such as white papers, regular virtual meetings, project teams addressing various aspects of the future of payments.


Mark Your Calendar

2019 Meetings

June 6-7, 2019 - International Meeting
Madrid, Spain
Hyatt Centric Madrid

November 4-6, 2019
Miami, FL
The Epic